Scammers in Spain went too far 22-02-2014

Two men in Spain who were hoping to collect up to $3.1 million in insurance fraud, cut off their own hands in order to be able to make an dismemberment claim, but were caught because their amputations were performed too well.
The men acted in two completely separate and unrelated incidents but each had a similar plan.Unfortunately, this type of instance of insurance fraud is growing in the country, as Spain continues to be ravaged by its recession and its people becoming increasingly desperate to obtain the money they need.

The lengths to which many of these individuals are going to try to obtain payout money are becoming increasingly extreme.
The first case of insurance fraud involved a man who used an electric saw but said he had been in a car wreck. The insurance fraud case showed that the man said that his hand was torn off in an auto accident, but he had, in fact, used an electric saw.
He proceeded to make claims with 11 different insurers, for over $3 million in compensation for the dismemberment. However, when his wounds were examined by doctors, they said that it was obvious to them that the cut had been “too clean” to have been torn off in a car accident.
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